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Pictures: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child cast

The cast pictures for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child are revealed. Meet the Potters, Granger-Weasleys and Malfoys...
The first pictures of Harry Potter, Ginny Potter and their youngest son Albus Severus Potter in the new play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child have been revealed! The two-part play is set 19 years after JK Rowling's famous books and will focus on Albus's journey.
Harry PotterCharlie Gray
This is the first time fans have seen actor Jamie Parker with Harry's famous lightning shape scar and his round glasses. Talking about Jamie, JK Rowling said: "He simply is Harry now. There's a kind of relief in watching him, he gets it so right."
Harry PotterCharlie Gray
Ginny Potter is played by Poppy Miller, and JK Rowling said: "I think a lot of people would like to have Poppy's Ginny for a mother. Kind and cool, exactly as I imagined her."
Ginny PotterCharlie Gray
Albus Severus Potter is being played by actor Sam Clemmett, but JK Rowling is keeping his role very secret: "There's much I could say about Sam as Albus, but we'd be into spoiler territory so quickly I'll just say we couldn't have cast better." He is pictured wearing plain dark robes, without hinting at which house he is sorted into.
AlbusCharlie Gray
Meet the Granger-Weasleys. Harry’s two best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger are now married and have a daughter called Rose, who is about to start at Hogwarts.
Ron, Hermione and RoseCharlie Gray
Noma Dumezweni plays the part of Hermione. Talking about the part, JK Rowling said: "I saw Noma workshop the part and when [director] John Tiffany told me he'd cast her, I was overjoyed. She gets Hermione inside out."
HermioneCharlie Gray
According to JK Rowling, Ron, played by Paul Thornley, is still pretty much the same. She said: "Ron in his forties isn't very different from Ron in his teens, except that his feet hurt a bit more. Paul's so funny and brilliant in the role."
RonCharlie Gray
Cherrelle Skeete is excited about her role as Rose Granger-Weasley, saying: "Putting on my uniform, ready to go to Hogwarts, and seeing everyone else in their uniform was exciting. I've been looking at it every day in the wardrobe department, waiting for the day I can get on the Hogwarts Express."
RoseCharlie Gray
In the final cast photos, we see Harry's school nemesis Draco Malfoy. He now has a son, Scorpio, starting his first year of Hogwarts along with Albus and Rose.
Draco and Scorpius MalfoyCharlie Gray
Alex Price is playing the adult Draco, who seems to be following Malfoy tradition by growing his hair long like his father Lucius. He says that being part of such a huge production is "intimidating, a little scary, but also very exciting", and that the play's writer has "taken the story into a great place 19 years later, particularly for Draco".
Draco MalfoyCharlie Gray
Irish actor Anthony Boyle is playing the part of Scorpius. He said that bleaching his hair the trademark Malfoy blonde was a "game changer" for him getting into the role. "As soon as I saw it, it was like, 'OK, I'm playing Scorpius Malfoy - this is real now.'"
Scorpius MalfoyCharlie Gray