Roald Dahl dictionary: 10 of our favourite Gobblefunk words

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Some phizz-whizzing news for Roald Dahl fans - a Gobblefunk dictionary's being released to mark 100 years since he was born!

Gobblefunk is the language the author sometimes used in his many books.

Made-up words might sound a bit "propsposterous" (that's "ridiculous"), but to Roald Dahl, they were a way of making sure his readers didn't get bored when reading his books.

There are almost 8,000 real and invented words in the dictionary.

The Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary has taken over five years to complete.

Check out some of Newsround's favourite Gobblefunk words and what they mean...


This means cheerful! The BFG says that a few gulps of frobscottle (a fizzy drink) always make him feel hopscotchy.


Another one from the BFG, squibbling means writing.


Gas released from a bottom is called whizzpopping in Gobblefunk.


If you've been crodsquinkled, you've been caught out at something.


A trogglehumper is a terrible dream, like a nightmare!

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Think that there might be little green men on Mars? Well in Gobblefunk, space aliens are called quogwinkle.


Your parents might tell you off for your room being ucky-mucky; it means messy.

Whoopsy whiffling

If something is whoopsy whiffling, that means it's great!


This means silly, a bit like Gobblefunk!


Next time you're having your favourite dinner, you can say it's delumptious. This word means delicious.

If you think you might be an expert on Roald Dahl's language after reading this, take a look at our special Gobblefunk quiz and see how well you do.