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Pictures: Sydney lights up for annual festival

Take a look at the spectacular light festival that will be brightening up the Australian city of Sydney for the next three weeks.
A spectacular light festival will be brightening up the Australian city of Sydney over the next three weeks. One of its most famous sites, the Sydney Opera House, had giant creatures crawling all over it - well in lights anyway!
Light projection on the Sydney Opera HouseGetty Images
The Vivid Sydney festival is the largest event of its kind in the world. It's been taking place annually for the last 8 years.
Light projection on the Sydney Opera HouseReuters
The festival includes huge light sculptures and projections on to lots of buildings around the city.
Light projection on Customs House building in SydneyAP
The city's art museum got a splash of paint as part of the light display. As it's winter in Australia at the moment, the light festival brightens up the long nights.
The Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney lit upGetty Images
The city's zoo is taking part in the festival for the first time this year. It's got 10 gigantic sculptures of animals that the zoo is trying to help protect. This is a funnel web spider.
Giant light sculpture of a funnel-web spider at Taronga ZooGetty Images
Other giant animal light sculptures on display include a lemur, a rhino, a chameleon and this Asian Elephant.
Asian Elephant light sculptureGetty Images
This tree is part of the Gardens of Light display - if only all trees were as bright as this!
Tree lit up in the Garden of LightGetty Images
This huge light cube celebrates the artwork of famous Dutch artist Mondrian. Last year the festival had almost two million visitors and organisers expect a big turnout this year too.
Giant light cubeEPA