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Pictures: Pugs parade dressed in Star Wars costumes

Are you a fan of droids and dogs, or Princess Leia and pugs? Then look no further - the Force is strong with these pugs in a Star Wars-themed parade in America!
Every year in Portland in America, a special parade just for pugs is put on by pet shelter Oregon Humane Society. This year's theme was Star Wars: The Pug Awakens, where attendees dressed up their pugs as characters and vehicles from Star Wars to win the title of best dressed pug!
X-Wing pugOregon Humane Society
Meet Helga the Hutt - she managed to swipe the coveted top prize for dressing as the fearsome Jabba the Hutt. Helga's outfit was created by her owner Gretchen Fersch.
Helga the HuttOregon Humane Society
Second prize went to pugs Maya and Cash, who were piloting a six foot wide Imperial TIE fighter. The pups were accompanied by human co-pilots Brade and Lorraine Nicholson.
Pugs in Imperial TIE fighterOregon Humane Society
A record-breaking crowd of around 2,200 people and 800 pugs took part in the event. This little guy was rocking an AT-AT costume. Thankfully it's a lot smaller than the ones in the movie!
AT-AT pugOregon Humane Society
This AMAZING BB-8 pug was accompanied by its owner who was dressed as Rey. Don't worry guys, we won't tell Kylo Ren where you are!
BB-8 pugOregon Humane Society
Princess Leia the pug was joined by her owner dressed as Han Solo. Previous pug parade themes have included superheroes, zombies and sports teams!
Princess Leia the pug and HanOregon Humane Society
The event organisers created a new category this year in honour of the largest single group of pugs to ever enter the contest. 28 pugs and 40 humans from Pacific Pug Rescue took part in the group parade and won first prize.
Group of pugsOregon Humane Society
This little fluffy pug joined the parade dressed as an Ewok. Overall the pug parade raised around £19,000 for shelter pets at the Oregon Humane Society.
Ewok pugOregon Humane Society