FA Cup final Crystal Palace v Manchester United look ahead

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Crystal Palace and Man Utd fans cheer on their teams

One of England's biggest football competitions will be decided on 21 May.

The FA cup final between Crystal Palace and Manchester United will take place at 5:30pm at Wembley Stadium in London.

When it comes to history, there aren't many football competitions in the world with more of it than the FA Cup.

First played in 1871, it's still a massive honour in English football.

This year Manchester United has reached the final and they'll be looking for their first win since 2004.

It was Man Utd who beat Crystal Palace in the 1990 final, the only time the Eagles have reached the final match.

That year after the sides drew 3-3, the game under old rules, was replayed and United won 1-0.

It remains to be seen who will triumph in this match of old rivals.