Comments: Muirfield golf club votes to keep no women rule

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Hear what some kids in Salford think about it.

An historic golf club in Scotland has voted to keep its rule that women can't be full members.

Female golfers can visit the course at Muirfield but only as visitors.

A vote by current members to let women join didn't pass, so things are going to stay as they are.

The course has lost the right to hold a big competition called The British Open because some people think it is unfair and old fashioned not to allow women as members.

The club had recommended that members support the change but not enough members voted in favour of changing the rules.

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I don't think it's fair as women should have the same rights as men. I think clubs should let anyone join whatever their gender.

Hope, Aberfeldy, Scotland

I think women should be allowed in any club they want to be in.

Ella, Nantwitch, England

I think it's nice to have somewhere for one type of person male or female.

Cody, Tamworth, England

It's not fair that women aren't allowed to get into the club.

Amiti, England

Year 5 at Kingfisher Primary School sent us their thoughts.

Sports with men involved are more entertaining because of the prestige they have - rightly or wrongly.

It is not fair on women if men and women are separated.

It is ok because there are some sports that men are naturally suited for and women are naturally suited for.

Specific sports should be for everyone equally, it depends on the sport.

It isn't logical to segregate women.

Pankhurst didn't become famous for no reason.

Class 71a at Foremarke Hall in Derbyshire say

Women should be allowed in to all golf clubs. Members should be chosen regardless of ability and sex.