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Pictures: Olympic Games torches through the ages

The Olympic torch has touched down in Brazil to begin its journey across the country before this summer's Games in Rio de Janeiro. Newsround looks back at some of the past Olympic torches and some of the journeys they have made.
The 2016 Olympic torch arrives in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. This will be the first time ever a South American country has hosted the Olympic Games.
The Olympic 2016 torch is handed overBETO BARATA/AFP/Getty Images
Ex-footballer David Beckham holds the 2012 Olympic torch in London. The holes in the torch represented the number of people who took part in the torch relay across the world.
David Beckham holding the 2012 Olympic torch.Getty Images
This torch was made for the Beijing Olympics in China in 2008. It was carried by over 21,500 people called torch bearers during its journey.
The 2008 Olympic torch for the Beijing games.IOC
In 2000, the Olympic torch even went underwater in Australia! Chemicals were put inside the torch to make a flame so hot that it would burn bright beneath the waves.
The underwater Leg of the 2000 Olympic torches journey.AP
This is the 1998 Winter Olympics torch. The Winter Games are a smaller version of the Summer Olympics, focusing on sports such as skiing, figure-skating and bobsleigh.
The 1998 Olympic Winter Games torchIOC
Here is boxing legend and former world champion, Muhammad Ali, holding the 1996 Olympic torch at the opening ceremony in Atlanta, USA.
Muhammad Ali holds up the 1996 Olympic torch.Getty Images
This golden torch was made for the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, and includes a dragon design beneath the flame. Over 1,400 people carried this torch through different parts of South Korea.
The 1988 Korean Olympic torchIOC
The London 2012 Games were not the first time the city has hosted the Summer Olympics. Here's what the torch looked like at the 1948 Olympics. Taking place just after World War Two, these games were a symbol of a brighter future for the world.
Two torch bearers pose for a photo with their Olympic torches.Getty Images