Comments: Are you part of an after-school club?

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Kids tell us what they think of their after-school clubs

According to a new study, children who join after-school clubs and play sports when they're 5, 7 and 11 are more likely to do well at school.

The National Centre for Social Research, who carried out the research, said that those kids might also find it easier to make new friends.

We want to know what you think of after-school clubs.

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Yes, this term our school has three after school clubs for KS2. I enjoy the clubs that I normally go to: badminton, football, basketball etc. Since I have been getting active, I have been more intelligent as well. I now interact and communicate with more people.

Suhas, 11, Newcastle Upon Tyne

I think it's a good idea to have after school clubs.

Malachi, 9, Eastbourne

I do gym after school on a Tuesday and I think it helps me.

Milly-Jo, 10, Somerset

I think after school clubs make me want to concentrate on my work to make the day go faster.

Keira, 10, Cheshire

I go to dancing on a Tuesday and it really helps me learn.

Hollie, 10, Carnoustie

I do three clubs. Cheerleading, badminton and netball or rounders, depending on the season. I really enjoy them.

Sarah, 12, Manchester

I go to scouts and football club.

Riley, 12, Grimsby

I think after-school clubs may enhance friends' relationships, however I don't think that it's just when you're 5, 7, or 11. I am 12 and have lots of amazing friends at my gymnastics club. I think they're good for making new friendships outside of school, as you can socialise with other people who are older or younger than you.

Becca, 12, Doncaster