Comments: What's the strangest pet you've ever had?

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Matt with ChewpacaChewpaca
Matt named his alpaca 'Chewy' because he likes to Chew things

Thirteen year old Matt from Adelaide in Australia asked for a dog for Christmas - and got an alpaca instead.

His parents thought a dog would be too high maintenance, so they took him to an alpaca farm to chose one.

Matt with ChewpacaChewpaca

Luckily Matt fell in love with Chewy, the alpaca, and even takes him skateboarding near his house.

An alpaca isn't a classic pet choice - Newsround wants to know if you have any unusual animals at home?

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I once had albino African clawed frogs. I also used to have a budgie, and at the moment I have a tortoise!

Imogen, Glasgow

My strange pet is a snake

Theo, 12, London

My weirdest animal was a cow

Leah, 9, Northamptonshire

I have an African Pygmy Hedgehog

Daniel, 10, Pontypridd

My weirdest pet I have is a stick insect! They are only small as they have only just hatched!

Eleanor, 9, England

A bald dog and a lizard

Poppy, 9, Barnsley

My weird pet was a pigeon

Ella, 10, Hampshire