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Mammal Photographer of the Year Awards 2016

Some of the highlights of the 2016 Mammal Photographer of the Year Awards.
Alex White won the aged 15 and under section with this photo of a sitting hare.
Picture of a hare in a field
Richard Bowler from North Wales took the winning photograph of the Mammals on our Doorstep category
A polecat emerging from a pipe with its reflection in water
Richard Bowler also came runner up in the Animals in our Landscape category with this beautiful photo of a fox in a cemetery
A fox standing in among grave stones in a cemetery
This image of a bank vole taken by Sarah Darnell, who discovered that her local bank voles have a taste for plums.
A bank vole eating some fruit
The winning photograph for the aged 16-18 section was this image of a fox entering a greenhouse.
A fox entering a greenhouse and looking at the camera
The winning photo in the Mammals in our Landscapes category was this image of deer rutting in Ashton Court, Bristol by Mark Eastment.
Deer rutting in low light