Pictures: Thousands join giant feathery fight

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Pillow fightPA
Thousands of people armed with pillows have taken part in a giant feathery fight.
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Take a look at some of the action...
pillow fightPA
Pillow fights took place in cities around the world to mark International Pillow Fight Day.
Pillow fightAP
Feathers flew in central Budapest in Hungary...
Pillow fight in Taipei, TaiwanEPA
in Taipei, Taiwan...
Pillow fightAFP/Getty Images
in Washington, DC in the US...
Pillow fightEPA
in Copenhagen in Denmark...
Pillow fightReuters
... and in the UK's capital city, London, as well as lots of other places.
Pillow fightAFP/ Getty Images
Some were dressed up as famous cartoon characters and celebrities, like Spider Man...
Pillow fightEPA
... and others wore their pyjamas.
Pillow fightEPA
The event takes place every year.
Pillow fightAFP
It was started in 2005 by two students at the University of Toronto.
Pillow fightAP
As crazy as the fight may appear to be, it has strict rules...
Pillow fightPA
... the friendly fighters can only use fluffy pillows, they need have to take their pillow home and they can't hit anyone without a pillow or holding a camera.