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Pictures: Britain's top ten most common birds

More than 500,000 people from every corner of the UK took part in RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch in January counting birds. Here are the ten most common birds spotted.
Coming in at number nine is the robin. People did their Big Garden Birdwatch from all kinds of locations including parks, balconies and gardens.
The woodpigeon seems to be everywhere and it is! It's Britain's fifth most common bird.
The long-tailed tit was a new entry in the top ten for 2016, flying in at 10th position. A warmer winter helped boost numbers of the bird by 44 percent compared to last year.
Long-tailed tit
The great tit was the eighth most common bird spotted in the UK. A whopping 8,262,662 birds in total were counted in the world's largest wildlife survey.
Great tit
The chaffinch swoops into our countdown at number seven. The RSPB says the Big Garden Birdwatch helps build a better picture of garden wildlife across the UK.
The goldfinch lands in sixth position in the list. The RSPB says the increase in sightings in gardens highlights the importance of well-stocked bird feeders for some species.
The common blackbird, coming in at number four, appeared in 88 per cent of UK gardens. However, their numbers have dropped since the first Birdwatch in 1979.
Common blackbird
The blue tits were the third most common bird in gardens this year. In Wales, the birds appeared in an incredible 82 per cent of gardens.
Blue tit
Just missing out on the top spot is the starling. It was the most commonly-seen bird in Northern Ireland though.
Taking the top spot again this year and Britain's most common bird is the house sparrow. Around four of them appeared in each garden.
House Sparrow