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Pictures: What Port Talbot steelworks looked like in the 1960s

A look at what the steelworks at Port Talbot in south Wales looked like in the 1960s.
Steelmaking has been a major part of Port Talbot in Wales for decades. This photo from 1961 shows a worker measuring a roll of steel. (Getty Images)
A worker measuring a roll of steel in 1961
By the mid-1960s, it had become the largest steel operation in Europe. Almost 20,000 people worked there. (Getty Images)
Steelworkers in 1961
The first steelworks in Port Talbot was set up in 1902. (Getty Images)
Steelworker in 1961
The town grew around steelmaking, with loads of families in the area working in steel. (Getty Images)
Steelworker and his children walking in 1964
Around 4,000 people there still work in steel today. But those jobs are now at risk after owner Tata Steel announced plans to sell off UK factories because they're not making money. (Getty Images)
Steelworker in the 1961