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Pictures: Evicted gnomes find new spot for their homes

These cute little houses find a new home after being removed from a park in America.
Around 40 mini gnome houses were built and placed in a park in Pennsylvania, USA, by local granddad, Steve Hoke. (AP)
Gnome home on a tree
But the park bosses changed their minds after they became worried about the impact on wildlife. So they were removed. (AP)
Gnome home
Now two other parks have stepped in and offered to host some of the small houses. (AP)
Gnome home
This little gnome looks happy - he's found a new place to live after his home had to be moved. (AP)
Gnome home on a tree
Steve says the reaction has been great and "people are thrilled to have them there". (AP)
Gnome home creator Steve Hoke and his wife