Turkey and Europe agree over refugees

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A child plays with a doll while carrying a blanket at the Idomeni camp in Greece.AP
A child plays with a doll while carrying a blanket at the Idomeni camp in Greece.

The leaders of the European Union, the club of countries that Britain is a member of, have been talking about how to help resolve the problems occurring in places like Greece.

The leaders made a special agreement today with Turkey, a country which is not a member of the European Union, but very close to Greece.

Lots of refugees and migrants travel through Turkey to get to Greece which is in the European Union.

Once they get to Greece lots of them then try to travel onwards to reach other European countries like Germany.

What does the agreement mean?

Now any refugees arriving in Greece, from Turkey, will be interviewed by authorities.

The authorities will decide if they can stay in Greece or if they will have to go back to Turkey.

Turkey has committed to accepting any refugees or migrants who might be returned there from Greece.

In return, countries who are members of the European Union will accept Syrian people who are currently living in Turkey.

The agreement comes in to force on Sunday.

What's happening in Greece?

A map showing the Idomeni camp which is located in Northern Greece.
The Idomeni camp is located in Northern Greece.

In Greece thousands of refugees are stuck there because some countries, like Macedonia, have closed their borders.

It means refugees can't continue their journeys in to Europe. Many refugees arrived in Greece through Turkey.

Lots of them are living in camps like Idomeni, close to the border with Macedonia.