Joe Marler won't be punished for comment

England rugby player Joe Marler will receive no punishment from the authorities for calling Welsh player Samson Lee "Gypsy boy" during their Six Nations game on Saturday.

He apologised after making the comment. Samson Lee, who is from the Traveller community, said he accepted the comment as "banter".

Six Nations Rugby said in a statement it was "aware of the seriousness of Mr Marler's comment and does not in anyway condone what was said" but accepted it was said "in the heat of the moment".

"Having taken all the facts into account, no further disciplinary action will be taken," it said. "Six Nations Rugby consider that this matter is now closed."

The fact he won't be punished for his comment has made some people angry.

The Welsh Rugby Union says it was surprised by the decision.

Some rugby players, and members of the traveller and gypsy community say that because Jo Marler said a racist insult, it needs to be dealt with by the authorities, not just by the England team.

Martin has this report.

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