Comments: What do you think about having longer school days?

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What do you think about having longer school days?

Secondary schools in England could have longer school days due to new government plans.

George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, is responsible for setting out how the government plans to spend its money each year in his budget.

In a speech yesterday he announced that he wants to allow head teachers of English secondary schools to scrap traditional "home time" and instead decide themselves what time the school day will end.

This means that school days could be longer.

The Chancellor says his plans will mean "every child gets the best start in life". But some teachers say it's more complicated, and that they're already offering after school activities.

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What do you think about having longer school days?

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I think it is a good idea because the teachers can help you with your homework

Szymon, 10, Mitcham

I feel like it's not that bad of an idea, only if we do things like homework at school and have an extra brake to help our concentration, longer school hours won't really effect us dramatically. We may miss out family time in the week, but homework would no longer dominate our weekends.

Esme, 11, Battle

I think that the school hours should be longer because we will have more time to do things such as revising for tests with the support of teachers.

Tom, 12, Hastings

It's terrible because you need a rest and school is long enough.

Rufus, 9, Surrey

It is a stupid idea why not spend it on parks in local villages near school so we can have fun with family?

Ben, 13, Moulton

It is silly because I think we have long enough ours already. It will just make people hyperactive because they are bored.

Tom, 13, Lincolnshire

I think this is a very bad idea - kids already do hobbies out of school, after school, and making school days longer until 4:30pm will prevent them from pursuing them.

Ella, Poole

I think that we shouldn't have to stay longer at our school because we will never have chance to have family time. At weekends we are really busy either doing homework or doing clubs. The life our parents had is so different compared to the life's we have to live now.

Yazmin, 11, Fairford

I think that longer school days are bad because this will impact on family life and out of school activities.

Emily, 12, Poole

I think that having longer school days wouldn't be the best because kids won't have enough time to relax and enjoy time with family. Also kids might lose their concentration. As a compromise the schools could be kept open for longer but it would be optional for the students to stay and do extra activities.

Bethany, 11, Cheltenham

I think that school should not be longer as we need time at home to relax and spend time to do things we enjoy like hobbies and hanging out with friends.

Sophia, 12, Poole

I think the idea is ridiculous. Already children are stressed about having to go home after school and do homework and revise for tests. Children need time to relax and have fun as well as spending time in education. We aren't machines, we need rest too.

Emily, 12

I don't think children should have longer days because they might not be able to do the other things that are important, like getting exercise. Also they would be tired and probably wouldn't concentrate as much after a long day.

Rebecca, 11, Bolton

I don't think that school days should be longer as it is our childhood we are missing out on. It might be ok if we started later in the mornings.

Flo, 12, Poole

If they make school longer a lot of children like me won't have time to do their homework and relax after school. It will be home from school, then homework, then tea, then bed!

Stan, 12, Southamptom

It is going to be hard for us and there will be less time to spend with friends and family. We will also miss a little bit of Wolfblood!

Haseeb, 11, Leeds

No because we would get very tired and after school I'm tired enough

Oliver, 11

I think it would be a bad idea having longer school days because you would miss out on time with yours friends and family.

Mollie, 12

I really wouldn't like school days to be extended. Some children don't like school anyway so it would be harder for them. Also teachers could be affected as they would have to work longer hours as well as their marking.

Bethan, 12, Berkshire

I think lengthening the school day is a bad idea! I am a swimmer and as soon as I get home I have to have my tea and then go. I swim every day and if the school day was longer I would have to give it up and my life time goal is to be an Olympic swimmer.

Meredith, 12, Leeds

It's a good idea if they change the morning time to later as well, so you can sleep longer.

Belle, 13, Sussex

I don't think that we should have to stay at school longer because we already have enough pressure from homework and revising for tests, Also if we got home later we wouldn't have any time to do our homework or spend time with our family.

Ellen, 12, Cheshire

I think children should have longer days at school so they can learn for longer.

Rajveer, 11, Birmingham

I love spending time with family. We shouldn't have to spend more time working, we need rest.

Reuben, 13, Essex

I am against longer school hours because children will be less able to concentrate than usual, and probably bored.

Liam, 11

Our class strongly disagrees with making the school day longer. Children already have enough stress put on them with lots of homework, revising for tests, after school activities and family issues. When will we have the chance to be children?

Marine Class, London

Maybe it won't be so bad, because kids these days focus too much on appearance rather than their education. This might help us understand certain subjects and get to know each other better.

Zyra, 11, Pakistan

They can be too long for some schools. At my school I finish at 3:15.

Jessica, 15, London

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