Would you help clean your school?

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Would you like cleaning as part of your school day?

How tidy is your school? Would you put in the hard work to make it clean?

In Singapore, a small country in south-east Asia, all kids will have to take part in daily cleaning of their schools.

It's hoped pupils will learn to care for their own space and shared areas, and learn good habits for the future.

Do you think UK pupils should do more to keep schools clean?

Or should pupils' time be saved for learning and having fun?

Do you tidy up at school already? What do you to do to keep the place clean?

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I think it would be good to spend fifteen minutes per week cleaning at school. It would really help the cleaners.

Arun, 8, Warwick

I don't think we should clean at school because we already have enough to do.

William, 9, Warwick

I think it would be useful to learn how to clean as it's an important life skill.

Ben, 9, Warwick

I think it would be good to do more of the cleaning ourselves because it would make us more responsible and help us to become better adults.

George, 9, Warwick

I think it would be a good idea to do more of the cleaning and tidying around school because then we would know where everything was.

William, 9, Warwick

I think it would be helpful to our school cleaners if we did some of the work for them so that they could do different cleaning jobs around the school, such as cleaning behind cupboards.

Aryan, 9, Warwick

I think it's a good idea because we could miss some of our lesson time!

Elliot, 8, Warwick

I think it's a bad idea because it could put cleaners out of work.

Felix, 9, Warwick

Yes, I would help clean my school because I think it's important that children know how to clean and also it would mean cleaners would get the job done faster!

Bethany, 12, Scotland

I think it's a good idea but it wastes lessons and class.

Sonny, 8, Ipswich

In my school the head teacher asks the pupils if they want to clean the dinner hall.

Jacob, 9

No I don't think pupils should clean their school because that's the caretaker's job and he gets paid to do it.

John, 8, Exeter

I think it would be really good because it would get our school cleaner and people might keep the school cleaner if they had to clean it.

Marion, Moray

I think we shouldn't clean our school because we go to school to learn and the cleaners clean our school.

Thea, 9, Wales