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Collection at the Museum of brands in London

The Museum of Brands is bursting at the seams.

Its collection of 12,000 packages, cartons and wrappers from things like games, toys and chocolates are now on display in London.

The items date back to Victorian times and go all the way up to what we buy in the shops now.

But the museum's collector says he's not found everything he wants to collect just yet.

We wanted to know what cool things you collect at home.

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I collect blue tits. I collect models, paintings, mugs, plates and anything else with them on. I have been collecting them for a few years and now have over 100. (Alicia, Stourbridge, England)

I collect horse radishes. (Alfie, Hampshire, England)

I collect fridge magnets and our fridge is full of them from around the world. (Elspeth, Oxford, England)

I collect Top Trumps cards as they are a good way of learning new facts. (Hope, Aberfeldy, Scotland)

I collect Halo figurines from Mega Bloks and I also collect lots of Hot Wheels cars. (Rahul, Wimbledon, England)

I buy loads of Harry Potter things because I just love it. I have over 13 Harry Potter items. (Sarah, Stockport, England)

I collect sea shells from beaches I visit! (Carlin, Scotland)

I collect perfumes and lip balms. I have more than 10 perfumes and I have lots of lip balms. This is special to me because I have perfumes and lip balms that you can't get anymore. (Sarah, Bedfordshire, England)

I collect fossils and rocks. (Divyan, Norfolk, England)

I sometimes collect smooth stones from the beach or shells. (Jessica, London, England)

I collect china dolls. It's really fun because you can do their hair and clothes. I have been collecting for a year now and I fell in love with them from the start. (Esther, Brighton, England)

I collect rocks and I love it because they are all so unique. (Molly, Chislehurst, England)