Atlas the giant rabbit gets a new home

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Atlas the rabbit with new ownerPeter Devlin

A giant rabbit who became famous after an appeal by the Scottish SPCA has found a new home.

The animal rescue centre took in the rabbit, named Atlas, when his original owner could no longer look after him.

But Atlas is no ordinary rabbit - even though he's still young, he's already the size of a small dog, and could grow even bigger.

giant rabbit in summer housePeter Devlin
Atlas seems to be settling in nicely to his new home

Hundreds of people applied to look after the giant bunny. There were even offers from America, Canada and France.

Anna O'Donnell, manager of the Scottish SPCA's rescue centre in Glasgow, said:

"It was great there was so much interest in Atlas but we decided to find him a home here in Scotland to avoid a long journey as rabbits are very susceptible to stress."

giant rabbit in pramPeter Devlin
Atlas's new owners even have a pram to take him out for walks in

Atlas's new owner, from North Ayrshire in Scotland, has lots of experience looking after rabbits.

She said: "Animals are just pets to some people but my rabbits are family members."