Strange and rare amphibian olm eggs ready to hatch

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olm in aquariumScience Photo Library
In Slovenian, olms are also called "human fish" because of their pale skin

A strange and rare 'dragon-like' creature called an olm has laid eggs in a cave in Slovenia in Eastern Europe visited by a million tourists every year.

Olms are blind salamanders, a type of amphibian, and live in caves. They're thought to live for more than 100 years but reproduce just once or twice every ten years.

Scientists are excited because a female olm in the Postojna Cave has laid 50-60 eggs - and three of them are now showing signs of growth.

It takes eggs around 120 days to hatch and nobody knows how many of them will survive.

olm eggsIztok Medja/Postojnska jama
Nearly 60 eggs have been laid on the underside of a rock
olm eggIztok Medja/Postojnska jama
It will probably be at least four months before any eggs hatch
olm in aquariumScience Photo Library
Olms have skin-covered, sightless eyes and gills that stick out of their sides