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Hear Milly's story.

What if you could only celebrate your real birthday once every four years?

Well that's what happens if your birthday is on 29 February - a date which only happens during a leap year.

Every four years February has 29 days instead of 28 and people born on this day are known as 'leaplings.'

Leaplings can choose to celebrate their birthday a day earlier or later on the years when there is not a 29th of February.

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P7B from Gracemount Primary School in Edinburgh
This primary school in Edinburgh, Scotland, are having a party to celebrate Miss Braden's 7th birthday and Amy's 3rd birthday

We have leap year literacy, leap year maths, cake and games planned for the day! We have heard the odds of having a leapling teacher and leapling pupil in the same class on a leap year are 1 in 328387!

Miss Braden's class, Edinburgh, Scotland

I celebrate my birthday on the 1st of March even though my birthday is on the 29th of February. Today, I celebrated my birthday with my friends at laser quest and then spent the rest of the day with my two best friends Michael and Kenzie and the rest of the family! It was great to get a day off school and it was very important to me!

Ahron, Glasgow, Scotland

It would be quite upsetting to only celebrate my birthday every four years. I would not like it so I would choose to celebrate on the 1st of March instead.

Lilly-Ann, Portsmouth, England