Australian man tries to set record for the loudest burp

Last updated at 08:29
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Nev Sharp claims to have set an unofficial world record for the loudest burp

An Australian and an Englishman are literally shaking the walls as they compete to produce the world's loudest burp.

Both men's burps are really loud. The official record burp is almost as loud as a chainsaw or leaf blower which is about 110 decibels.

Australian Neville Sharp unofficially broke Essex-based Paul Hunn's record on Tuesday with a 110.6 decibel belch.

Mr Hunn returned fire with a 117.9 decibel burp just one day later.

Neither record has been verified by Guinness World Records, which still lists Mr Hunn's previous champion burp of 109.9 as the world's loudest.