Sport Relief: Lindsey's epic zorbing challenge ends

Last updated at 07:21
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Watch Lindsey's message.

Blue Peter's Lindsey Russell has ended her attempt to cross the sea between Northern Ireland and Scotland in a giant inflatable barrel for Sport Relief.

Lindsey set off from Donaghadee beach in Northern Ireland at 6.30am. The 20 mile journey was expected to take her up to 14 hours, but she had to stop because of bad weather.

The Blue Peter team say that Lindsey is safe and on her way back to dry land.

Sport Relief said:

"Lindsey's Sport Relief challenge was always going to be incredibly hard and zorbing many miles across the Irish Channel is a huge achievement. Whilst we were, in the end, defeated by the weather, we're incredibly proud of Lindsey and her efforts, Blue Peter is all about giving it a go and getting stuck in which is exactly what she did today. We hope her amazing efforts have inspired lots of children around the UK to do their bit for Sport Relief.".

Well done Lindsey, we're proud of you too!