A huge catapult is back in action after being repaired

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See the trebuchet in action.

A huge catapult called a trebuchet is back in action after being repaired at Warwick Castle.

The main arm of the machine developed a big crack so it couldn't be used for six months until it was fixed.

Cannonballs are set on fire and thrown across a field as part of a display of medieval warfare.

The missile launcher is the largest working one of its type in the world and cost £40,000 to repair.

The machines were used to destroy castle walls so are pretty powerful.

It's 60ft (18m) high and weighs 22 tonnes.

It is powered by a treadmill which men run inside to pull the arm back before firing.

It can launch things as heavy 150 kilograms which is about the same as two washing machines stuck together.

The missiles can travel at around 140 miles per hour.

Last year a fireball destroyed a boathouse on the grounds by accident but no one was hurt.