Fiji hit by its strongest ever cyclone

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Cyclone WinstonEPA
This image from NASA shows Cyclone Winston in the South Pacific Ocean

A massive clean-up operation has begun on the Pacific Island of Fiji after a powerful cyclone.

Cyclone Winston hit the island on Saturday, with winds of over 200 miles per hour, torrential rain, and waves of up to 12 metres. Many homes were destroyed and several people died.

It's the first time that Fiji has been hit by a category five storm - the strongest kind of storm found on earth.

Hundreds of homes were destroyed, and electricity lines were cuts.

Cyclone WinstonReuters
Residents boarded up shops in the hope that it would protect them from the storm
Cyclone WinstonAFP
But many buildings were destroyed by the powerful winds
Buildings and trees are damaged after Cyclone Winston swept through the town of Ba on Fiji's Viti Levu Island, 21 February 2016Reuters
Power and water were also cut off for a lot of the country
Cyclone WinstonAFP
Families in the town of Ba dug through the remains of their home after it was destroyed by the cyclone
Cyclone WinstonReuters
A service station was destroyed by winds which ripped the roofs from buildings
Cyclone WinstonGetty Images
Debris was scattered across towns and cities
Cyclone WinstonReuters
Now, a massive clean-up operation is underway as the government has declared a 30-day state of natural disaster