Canadian artist draws pictures with his bike

Last updated at 09:15
A gps drawing of a T-RexStephen Lund

A Canadian cyclist has turned doodling into a sport, by riding thousands of miles to make pictures on his GPS tracker.

Stephen Lund uses an app that tracks where he cycles, and draws the route onto a map.

He realised that he could use the app to make works of art when he celebrated the start of 2015 by cycling a route that spelled out 'HAPPY 2015!'

Since then, the cyclist's doodles have only got bigger and better.

Here are some of his best pieces:

A gps drawing of Darth VaderStephen Lund
Darth Vader
A GPS drawing of a MermaidDuncan Middleton
A mermaid
A gps drawing of a rodeo riderStephen Lund
A rodeo rider
A GPS drawing a of dragon slayerStephen Lund
A dragon slayer