Would you eat wonky vegetables?

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Who will win in the battle of the veg?

We want to know if you would eat wonky vegetables?

Some people prefer their fruits and vegetables to be perfectly shaped but a trial by one supermarket found that lots of customers are now happy to buy lumpy, bumpy and curved vegetables.

They decided to sell wonky veg to prevent tonnes of imperfect fruit and vegetables being thrown away.

So we want to know what you think.

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Your Comments

Yes, I would eat it because veg is veg even if it looks wonky and funny looking.

Jack, 9

I would love to eat wonky veg because they look funny and they're much better than the ones we have at school. Also it stops them going to waste and the farmers get paid for what they have grown.

Hermione, 7, Cambridgeshire

Yes, I would definitely eat wonky shaped veg as it would be more fun to eat!

Iona, 11, Edinburgh

I hate the idea of wonky and curved vegetables because how would people cut them up for their tea or dinner?

Fiona, 10, Merseyside

I would eat wonky veg because they are no different to any other veg except they are wonky.

Catriona, 8, Scotland

Yes I would as there would be less waste in the world and they look very funny.

Keira, 10, Dorset

I would, as they would taste the same (I think).

Harry, 12, Oxfordshire

Yes I would because it looks interesting and my Mummy told me all the wonky veg gets thrown away.

Sophie, 5, London

Yes because it's just normal veg that's grown in a funny shape but still tastes the same.

Billy, 7, Nottinghamshire

Yes I would eat wonky veg. It's just like ordinary veg and tastes the same.

Charlie, 5, Chesterfield

Definitely! They look really funny! I would love eating those!

Ellie, 8, Northamptonshire