New map to help find way around planet Mars

Last updated at 08:59
Part of the map of MarsOrdnance Survey
Part of the map of Mars

Ever wondered how you'd find your way around Mars if you were there? Well a brand new map of the red planet's been made which might just help...

Mapping agency Ordnance Survey - who usually make maps of the UK - have now made one of Mars, using information from Nasa and showing in detail how high and low different parts of the ground are there.

A special version's been given to a British scientist helping to plan the landing of a rover on Mars in 2019.

The map covers roughly 3.8 million square miles of the planet - that's about a tenth of the total Martian surface.

Chris Wesson, one of the people who made the map, says he could imagine a future astronaut using a copy of the map when exploring Mars.

"You have these large areas that looked flat but they're actually really rocky and uneven surfaces - that was the most difficult bit of the map, to try to show that but put it in proportion to these huge craters," he said.