How can we make the online world a better place?

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Your tips for staying safe using social networks.

It's Safer Internet Day, which aims to make it safer and better when kids and young people go online.

We all spend loads of time on the internet, but it's not always fun.

Lots of people experience someone being mean to them online.

We wanted to know how you think we could make the online world safer and better.

Your Comments

I would make the online world a safer place by taking a closer look at the comments on my friends' pictures to make sure no one is being mean or inappropriate. I would make it friendlier by being nice and aware of everyone on that site.

Jess, Bournemouth, England

I think that it is ok to go on social media because you can talk to family and keep up to date.

Samantha, Cambridge, England

You should tell your parents if you're bullied, because if someone types something inappropriate and you tell your parents they will sort it out.

Sonia, Bristol, England

I think on social media if someone want to follow you or something then you should only accept it if you know them. Someone that I didn't know tried to follow me on Instagram and I was worried they were going to hack me so I said no they asked to follow me again so I got really scared so blocked them and told an adult.

Olivia, England

Never give out personal details, never arrange to meet anybody because they are strangers and don't be a hacker or troll and remember people can pretend to be somebody they're not.

Joseph, England

We can make the online world a better place by having advice on what to do if you are getting bullied and contacting someone in charge on that website to sort it out.

Jessica, London, England

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