Super Bowl 50: Denver Broncos win and top stars perform

Last updated at 08:31
Super Bowl 50 logoGetty Images

The Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers 24-10.

The Super Bowl is highlight of the American football season.

It's a really big deal in America, thousands of people go to see the game and millions watch it all around the world.

It's half time shows are always legendary and filled with performances from top music stars.

Lady Gaga singing the American national anthem at the Super BowlGetty Images
An emotional Lady Gaga sang the national anthem to get things started.
Von Miller receiving his MVP trophyGetty Images
Broncos linebacker Von Miller won the Most Valuable Player award after he helped his team thrash the Panthers.
Peyton Manning lifting the Super Bowl trophyGetty Images
But the night belonged to Peyton Manning who won his second Super bowl title.

The half time super bowl performance was very different this year, usually it's just one singer putting on a show.

This time there were three different performers.

Cold Play performing at Super Bowl 50Getty Images
British rock band Coldplay headlined the show.
Bruno Mars performing at Super Bowl 50Getty Images
A performance of "Uptown Funk" from Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars came next.
Beyonce, Chris Martin and Bruno Mars performing at Super Bowl 50Getty Images
Queen B Joined them on the field to perform her new song called "Formation" surrounded by an army of back up dancers. Beyonce even admitted at the end of the performance that she was going on tour.