The Flying Scotsman train has been brought back to life

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The Flying Scotsman train at the East Lancashire Railway tracks in public for the first time after the successful completion of a decade-long £4.2m restoration project.PA

One of the world's most famous trains - the Flying Scotsman - is returning to the railway after having been out of service for 40 years.

The famous train will be taking a test run from Manchester to Carlisle this weekend.

The train broke records when it was first built and it has been restored by York's National Railway Museum.

Thousands of people are expected to turn out to watch the Flying Scotsman officially return to work later this month.

Six facts about The Flying Scotsman

The arrival of the Flying Scotsman at King"s Cross station in London in the 1920s.Getty Images
1. The Flying Scotsman was built 93 years ago, in 1923.
The Flying Scotsman in full steamPeter Brumby
2. At 21 metres long, and weighing 96 tonnes, the train originally cost £7,944 to build.
Passengers onboard the flying ScotsmanGetty Images
3. It was an age of high-class rail travel, and the Flying Scotsman was known for being luxurious onboard - it even had a hairdressing salon.
Flying Scotsman pulls into Bolton StationGetty Images
4. In 1934 it won a place in the record books as the first steam locomotive ever to reach 100 miles per hour.
Flying ScotsmanGetty Images
5. The train has always drawn big crowds. It even starred in two movies - 'The flying Scotsman' in 1929, and '102 Dalmatians' in 2000.
The Flying Scotsman in an engine shed in BuryPA
6. The team of engineers have been restoring the Flying Scotsman in Bury, Greater Manchester, to get it ready to get back on the tracks.