Cats versus Dogs: Which is best?

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Jenny and Martin went to a school to find out what kids there think

A brand new TV programme is trying to answer a very important question: which make the best pets - cats or dogs?

Dog lover Chris Packham and cat lover Liz Bonnin travel around the UK finding out more about the animals and what makes each so special.

But which do you prefer? Are you crazy about cats or do you dig dogs?

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Your Comments

Cats because you can play with them and they will cuddle you as well. They are really fluffy too.

Nicole, Peterborough, England

I prefer dogs, as I have always loved dogs, and a lot more responsibility is needed.


I prefer dogs, specifically because you can teach them tricks and they are so energetic whereas cats are quite lazy!

Evie, Bedford, England

I love dogs because you really get to know them. DOGS RULE!

Lucy, Bucks, England

I prefer dogs because when cats stand on you their claws dig in your leg.

Mia, Wolverhampton, England

Dogs because they are more interactive and they are lovable and so cute.

Jessica, Milton Keynes, England

I like cats better than dogs because you don't have to spend as much money or time on them.

Sarah, Wales

I think cats are amazing because they are cute and fluffy.

Olivia, Rochdale, England