Denmark votes to change rules for migrants

Last updated at 17:00
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Danish reporter, Tommy Zwicky, explains Denmark's new refugee law

The Danish parliament has voted to bring in new laws for migrants and refugees coming to the country.

The plans have been criticised by some people including the UN Refugee Agency.

Under the laws, any new refugees or migrants coming to Denmark will only be able to keep hold of things they own up to a value of about £1,000.

The police will be able to take items above that value. Things with sentimental value like wedding rings won't be included.

The Danish government says that the valuables will be used to pay for the costs of looking after migrants and refugees coming to the country.

The new law also means that migrants and refugees will have to wait before applying for relatives to join them.

At the moment they only have to wait one year in future it will be three years.

These changes mean that refugees and migrants are working under the same rules that apply for people who are don't have jobs in Denmark.

Tommy Zwicky, from the Danish version of Newsround - Ultra Nyt - sent us a report from outside the Danish Parliament.