Kids spend more time online than watching TV

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Hayley spoke to kids at a school in Manchester

Children are spending more time online than watching television for the first time.

A new survey shows that kids are spending three hours online each day compared with around two hours of TV each day.

You Tube is the favourite website and is visited every day by almost half of all five to 16 year olds.

More young people are using tablets to go online too with 67% owning one.

Each year Childwise looks at the way children watch programmes. More than 2,000 five to 16 year olds took part in the survey.

This year's report showed that Netflix was more popular than any normal television channel.

Simon Leggett, Childwise research director, "Children are now seeking out the content of their choice. They still find traditional TV programmes engaging but are increasingly watching them online and on-demand or binge watching box sets."