Year six pupil's Custard Cream Colosseum

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colosseum and biscuit modelSally Wray / Getty Images

When Daisy's teacher set the class homework to make a model of a famous building from Ancient Rome, she saw an opportunity for a Bake Off moment.

Whilst most of the class used Lego or papier mâché for their masterpieces, Daisy decided that biscuit were her ideal building material.

With six packets of custard creams, and icing for glue, Daisy recreated the Colosseum.

She completed the creation with jelly-sweet gladiators, and a rubber lion.

It took a whole afternoon for Daisy to build the model, because she had to wait for the icing to dry on each tier of biscuits before adding the next one.

But it took much less time for the class to eat it!