Turkey takes a flight on US plane

Last updated at 13:27
A turkey on board a passenger plane in AmericaMoesha Mitchel
This turkey was on board a plane in America

If you have a pet you might sometimes wish you could take it with you everywhere you go. People on a flight in America had a big surprise when one passenger did just that.

They might not be the best birds at flying, but this turkey didn't seem to have any problems getting airborne as it settled down for a flight with its owner.

The turkey was believed to be an Emotional Support Animal, these are animals who help people that might have emotional problems.Moesha Mitchel
The turkey was believed to be an Emotional Support Animal

A Twitter user who shared the picture was surprised by what she saw and her post has since gone viral across the world.

It's thought that the turkey may have been an Emotional Support Animal, pets that doctors can prescribe to help comfort people as part of a treatment for a disability.