Firefighters tackle Australian bushfire

Last updated at 09:24
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Watch firefighters tackle Australian bushfires

A massive bushfire in Western Australia that has been burning since last week continues to spread, but milder conditions are helping firefighters bring it under control.

The fire swept through the town of Yarloop near Perth, destroying at least 128 homes.

Better conditions and a drop in wind speeds on Sunday meant firefighters could begin to fight the blaze.

Firemen tackling a bushfire burning near Waroona in Western AustraliaEPA
Firemen tackle a bushfire burning near Waroona, in Western Australia

"It's not under control yet but we are very optimistic about the next 24 hours as well," Western Australia's Emergency Services Minister Joe Francis said.

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The fire was sparked by a lightning strike on Wednesday.

The edge of the fire is currently around 232km (144 miles) long, the Department of Fire & Emergency Service (DFES) said.