Praying mantises get fitted with tiny 3D glasses

Last updated at 12:13
Praying mantisPA

Scientists have fitted praying mantises with tiny 3D glasses, to prove that they use 3D vision to catch food.

The insects were put in a specially-designed insect cinema, and shown images of the kinds of bugs that they like to eat.

They only tried to jump up and catch the bugs when the image was 3D, proving that they use 3D vision to hunt.

Praying MantisPA
Researchers used blobs of harmless beeswax to fix green and blue lenses on the insects

Scientists will use the research to improve how eyesight is developed in robotics and computer technology.

Praying mantisPA

3D glasses for humans have blue and red lenses, but mantises can't see red light well, so their glasses were blue and green instead.