How much screen time do you have on smart phones, laptops, tablets and TVs?

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You tell us about your screen time

A survey for the charity Action for Children has been looking into how much time you spend online.

When they spoke to parents 23.1% said it was easier to get you to do your homework, go to bed or have a bath than it was to get you to turn off phones, laptops and TVs.

The charity say too much screen time could slow down learning and have an impact on family relationships.

We want to know what you think!

- How much screen time do you have?

- Do you think it's too much or would you like more?

- How does the amount of screen time you have affect your life?

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Me and friends enjoy playing games online. We have great fun! My class love playing maths games, they build our confidence in numeracy. We DO spend too much time and then end up not seeing friends and family. I think you should only spend half an hour or even five to ten minutes on your device.

Athina, Fife, Scotland

My mum says that I should get off my iPod and I understand, but sometimes I only have five minutes and I only really go on it to text.

Phoebe, Fife, Scotland

We agree that it is better to have one hour a day on an electronic device because it can affect your eyes and stop you from sleeping.

Catriona, Mairi and Zara, Fife, Scotland

We play on our X Box for hours unless we are playing sports.

Ben and Tom, Fife, Scotland

We do a lot of gaming on Minecraft and it can be good for us, but sometimes it could damage our academic future.

Adam and Ben, Fife, Scotland

I don't really play on any devices because I like playing with my other toys, like my dolls.

Erin, Fife, Scotland

My mum finds it pretty easy to get me off my phone although I spend quite a bit of time on it.

Abby, Sheffield, England

I feel that spending more time on technology can ruin your future and make you lethargic, meaning you will not do well academically.

Daisy, Essex, England

I do have a lot of screen time. My mum does say that I shouldn't so now I don't have as much.

Jessica, London, England

I spend about five hours a day using screens. I think I need to cut down because I don't spend time with my family.

Natasha, Birmingham, England

I spend at least 11 hours on my phone - it does not help me do homework.

Shannon, Luton, England

I watch quite a bite of TV but I mostly watch educational things. I also think that children should have tablet time like me. I'm allowed half an hour on my tablet.


I enjoy gaming all the time but everyone complains that I can't even answer my phone when I get calls and texts.

Ysobelle, London, England

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