Tim Peake helps successful space walk

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Watch timelapse highlights as Tim Peake helps his crewmates carry out a spacewalk

UK astronaut Tim Peake has helped two fellow crew members to carry out a space walk outside the International Space Station (ISS) to carry out repairs.

Astronauts Tim Kopra and Scott Kelly, from the US space agency Nasa, had to fix a broken part.

As they suited up and prepared to go out into space, they got help from Tim Peake and Sergey Volkov.

Mr Peake arrived at the ISS on 15 December 2015.

He is the first UK astronaut to be chosen by the European Space Agency and is spending six months aboard the ISS.

astronauts at the airlockNASA
Tim Peake and Sergey Volkov helped the two astronauts into the airlock
Tim Peake helped them get dressed

The space walk lasted about three hours.

astronauts exit the airlockNASA
Tim Kopra and Scott Kelly leaving the airlock

The space walk was the seventh time ISS crew members have ventured outside in 2015.

The astronauts needed to fix a broken part called the "mobile transporter" - a rail car that moves a robotic arm up and down the length of the space station.

The mobile transporter became got stuck last Wednesday.

It's not clear why it broke.

Space station managers wanted to make sure the part was properly latched down ahead a cargo supply ship arriving at the ISS tomorrow.

View of Earth with part of the Space Station above@astro_timpeake
Room with a view: Tim Peake posted this picture to Twitter

Tim Peake's duties included getting the crew inside their space suits and out of the airlock while talking to mission control back on the ground.

The space walk was the third in Mr Kelly's career and the second for Mr Kopra.

Tim PeakePA
Tim Peake spoke to journalists via a video link on Friday

On Friday, during a live link-up from the space platform, he said his first few days in orbit have been 'absolutely spectacular'

He showed off a backwards somersault saying he was surprised how quickly his body had adapted to weightlessness.