New Zealand chooses possible new national flag

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Silver Fern (Black, White and Blue), by Kyle Lockwood, flies on top of the Wellington Town Hall on 12 October 2015 in Wellington, New Zealand.Getty Images
The design titled Silver Fern (Black, White and Blue) came out tops

New Zealanders have picked a blue and black design with the silver fern to be a possible new national flag.

The runner-up is a similar-looking red, white and blue design.

The final result will be announced on Tuesday after late and overseas votes are counted.

New Zealanders will now have a second vote, which will be held in March 2016, to decide whether to adopt the new flag, or keep the existing one.

The current New Zealand flag flies on top of the Wellington Town Hall on 12 October 2015 in Wellington, New ZealandGetty Images
The current New Zealand flag includes the Union Jack and the Southern Cross constellation of stars

New Zealanders were asked to choose which of five designs they preferred.

About 48% of people allowed to vote took part, which has divided opinion in New Zealand over its cost and timing.

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What do schoolchildren think of the new flag designs?

The winner and runner-up flags were both designed by Kyle Lockwood, and feature New Zealand icons the silver fern and the Southern Cross.

The decision to choose a new flag has been backed by New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key, who has said the current one is too similar to Australia's and that it is time to remove the Union Jack, which represents the UK, from the flag.