'It's come at the worst time'

A 12 year old boy says he's devastated to see how much damage gallons of dirty, smelly flood water has done to his family's home.

Ben had been hoping to spend Christmas with his brother and sister, who's coming home from University.

But now his family have lost food, clothes, toys, furniture and their Christmas tree after they were all ruined by the floods.

'It's not nice' Ben said when he saw the damage for the first time. Everything is 'just ruined.'

He saw all the food that had floated out of the cupboards and had been thrown about 'just like it's junk.'

He took Newsround reporter Naz with him when he went back for the first time since he was rescued.

He and his family had to jump from a first floor window to get into a boat to take them to safety.

He is upset that his family will have to stay with relatives now.

Their home could take months to dry out properly before repairs can start.

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