Fire safety warning over hoverboards

Last updated at 06:30
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Watch Ayshah's report about the safety problems with some hoverboards.

They're likely to be one of the must-have presents this Christmas but warnings have been given out about hoverboards.

It's because there are worries that some of the hoverboards on sale could have parts which catch fire.

The National Trading Standards is an organisation that makes sure that products that are bought are safe for people to use.

They have looked at thousands of hoverboards since October.

They found that 88 per cent of the ones they examined could explode or catch fire.

HoverboardNational Trading Standards

There are strict rules in place for making electrical products so that they're safe.

Trading Standards says that people should read their safety checklist to make sure they're not buying a dangerous product.

If you're worried about the safety of your hoverboard the advice is:

  • don't leave it charging unless someone's watching
  • check the shape of the plug - if it doesn't look right it might not be safe
  • if you have any problems or worries with your hoverboard let an adult know so they can check