Toxic mud destroys forests in Brazil

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Ayshah reports on the toxic mud spill in Brazil.

Toxic mud has covered several towns in Brazil after a dam holding the mud collapsed earlier this month.

The mud has destroyed forests over a large area and also the village of Bento Rodrigues close to where the Fundao dam collapsed.

Around 600 people who live nearby have been in temporary accommodation since the accident.

Village of Bento Rodrigues, Minas Gerais, BrazilReuters
More than 100 houses were destroyed in the village of Bento Rodrigues in Brazil.

The dam was used to hold waste water from iron production.

The toxic mud has even polluted the Atlantic Ocean along the Espirito Santo state coast.

A full investigation will be carried out, at the end summer 2016 after the Brazil's rainy season is over, to work out how big the impact the accident has been.

Rio Doce pollution, 15 Nov 2015Reuters
The Brazilian authorities are preparing a more detailed study of the environmental impact of the accident.