Answers to bullying questions

Newsround knows it can be really hard and upsetting if you're being bullied at school or online.

Lots of you have told us it's the biggest worry that you have.

A special programme on CBBC called "Bullying - The Newsround Debate" has been made to get viewers to share their experiences.

It was part of Anti-Bullying Week.

We wanted to find out what you think is the best way to stop bullying.

We asked if you ever have any sympathy for bullies, or think about what problems they may have at home?

Do you think bullies need to understand how their words or behaviour can be upsetting or hurtful?

Afterwards some of the children put their questions to top policewoman Olivia Pinkney.

She's the Deputy Chief Constable at Sussex Police and she looks after issues that affect children and deals with internet safety.

Listen to her answers here.

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