Should bullies be punished or helped ?

Newsround knows it can be really difficult if you're being bullied at school or online because lots of you have told us it's the biggest worry that you have.

A special programme on CBBC called "Bullying - The Newsround Debate" was made to get viewers to share their experiences as part of Anti-Bullying Week.

We wanted to find out what you think is the best way to stop bullying.

We asked if you ever have any sympathy for bullies, or think about what problems they may have at home?

Do you think bullies need to understand how their words or behaviour can be upsetting or hurtful?

Our audience of 100 children voted on our big question, "Is it more important to punish or to help a bully?"

And to help them decide we heard from two girls who've dealt with their bullies in very different ways.

14 year old Kia told us she is not happy with the way her bullying was handled.

Watch her story.

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