UK braced for Storm Abigail

Last updated at 15:33
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Simon King gives us a weather forecast for the next couple of days.

Much of the UK will be hit by Storm Abigail on Thursday, bringing lots of rain and strong winds.

Abigail is the first storm to be given a name by the Met Office who keep track of our weather.

The storm will hit Northern Ireland with strong winds on Thursday afternoon, and move towards the west coast of Scotland and northern England on Friday.

As if one storm wasn't enough, the UK will also be battered by ex-hurricane Kate, which is the end of a hurricane from the Atlantic Ocean. Kate will bring lots more rain for Scotland, Wales and northern parts of England.

Weather forecasters have told people to make sure they are prepared for strong winds, especially in Scotland. Several schools have already shut in the Western Isles in Scotland because of the bad weather.