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Newsround is off to a special astronaut training base called Star City in Moscow, Russia, and we want your help for when we get there.

The team is going to see the final, high-tech, training that Britain's Tim Peake will be going through before he blasts off for the International Space Station.

He's preparing for a five-month mission where he will perform onboard experiments and orbit earth more than 2,700 times.

Hayley will be interviewing Tim at the training base and asked you to send in some questions for him to answer.

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Your questions

How do you feel about being the first British astronaut to head to ISS? Jessica, London

What are you most looking forward to and most dreading about going to space? Maja, London

Will it be hard to spend Christmas away from your family? Libby, Coventry

Are you allowed to choose your own food or do you need to eat what is given to you? Nieve, Glasgow

What the best and worst things about zero gravity? Noah

How long does it take to plan your trip to Space? Max, Coventry

Where do you sleep? Finlay, Coventry

How were you first inspired to go to Space? Would you like to go to the moon? Liam, Glasgow

How long does it take to train to be an astronaut? Jack

How do you go to the toilet in space? Macey and Kyle

When did you first want to become an astronaut? Francesca

What do you eat and drink in space? Leo

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