Minecraft helps teach chemistry in schools

Last updated at 11:13
Children playing MinecraftGetty Images
Millions of children worldwide play Minecraft

A new version of Minecraft could be used in schools to help teach chemistry.

Students from Hull University have designed a new version of Minecraft where you can build scientific structures and learn about chemistry.

They teamed up with a Minecraft expert and a senior lecturer in chemistry, Dr Mark Lorch.

In the game you can use blocks to build molecule structures, and learn about how they are made.

Minecraft pirate coveMinecraft/Microsoft

Dr Lorch said: "You can just explore and read the info about the molecules. But there are also a whole load of treasure chests dotted around filled with goodies, puzzles and quiz books.

"Some are easy to find, others are fiendishly difficult. If you locate them all then you'll probably have learned a fair bit of chemistry on the way."

The Hull team are currently testing out the game, called Molcraft in a number of schools in London.